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Friday, January 15, 2010

Aayirathil Oruvan - Review

Aayirathil oruvan (ஆயிரத்தில் ஒருவன்)

An another extra-ordinary movie by Selvaraghavan, The story starts with the Chola Dynasty… Last prince of Chola is taken away from the kingdom to save him from the Pandiya’s. Also with him they take the God Statue of the Pandiya’s.

The place where the Chola Prince is taken is a secret and also there are 7 major traps in the way. Andrea’s father Prathap pothan goes over and finds the Place but he gets disappeared. Then Reema Sen, Andrea, with military people and some porters, in which the Karthik is person who leads the porter’s gang, goes over to the place to find Prathap Pothan and the lost prince city. How they find the chola prince and Prathap pothan is the story & what happens to the Pandiyas Statue.

I was very much excited in watching the movie…. The first half goes on with lots of fun and excitement, the song ‘Oh Easa’ and ‘Un mela Asai’ are awesome and the picturing was excellent.

Second half totally changes the pace of the movie and there are lots of pure tamil conversations, which I very hard for us to understand. Performance of Parthiban, Reema Sen was excellent in the second half. Karthi rocks in the first half.

This movie is really a 1 in 1000 movie. No one can think like this… Must to watch... Also to be noted the movie contains all bad words in Tamil and English, also the movie can’t be enjoyed by all type of audience, mainly you can’t watch the movie with family for sure.

I liked the movie a lot… Except the last 20 mins which was little odd for the pace of the movie.

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chandru_tweety said...

I'm one of them whose say 1001 a nice movie, i love the whole story, our tamil film industry has to learn graphics tricks and advanced technology so they can give their best if they were planned to make part2 of 1001