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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Avatar Review

Avatar (2009)

Evil Tribal’s wants a valuable resource from another Tribal’s. So they send an infiltrator to another tribal, who make ups like the Tribal. He goes in and learns their way of living and find the valuable resources location.

Mean while he get attached to these people and the way of living. Then the Evil tribes attack the other and destroy their home. Then the tribe came to know about the infiltrator and they send him out. The infiltrator comes back and reunites the tribe and fights back to the evil tribes and send the evil tribe back to their home.

Evil Tribe is nothing but People from Earth and Another tribe is Navi's in Pandora.

This can be resembled in many Indian movies story, but the change is this has been taken with new technologies and planets. This is typically a commercial movie, with fantasy and animation alone.

When the movie started, I thought am going to enter into a new world and enjoy the movie. The first was very slow and made me sleep for a while in between the movie. Any way the second half went on fast and at the end, the movie was not up to the expectations.

Humans always destroy the nature for money, which has been clearly shown in this movie also. One thing I liked the most was the way the life cycle in Pandora planet. Tree, animals, Navi’s and everything in the planets get bond to each other and creates a global network in between them, which is very much of nature's creation.

Animation in the movie cannot even be imaginable, it was awesome but the story and screenplay was very bad.

Can be watched one for the animation and the fantasy...

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